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The FBD Frozen Difference:

  • Reduced service calls and maintenance fees

  • Reduced heat and noise levels

  • Increased volume and traffic with video merchandisers

  • Trained service partner prior to equipment installation

About 4 Sons

4 Sons Food Stores is a chain of twenty-one convenience stores in the Phoenix, Arizona Area. All locations benefit from high customer traffic and frozen beverage sales.

Challenged with continuous service and excessive repair expenses for their current frozen carbonated beverage equipment, 4 Sons was in need of a frozen drink machine that improved serviceability and cut down maintenance fees. With the help of FBD Frozen, 4 Sons has significantly reduced their number of service calls and optimized their frozen beverage program to its full potential.

Key Results

95% Reduction in Service Calls

Higher customer purchase volume and frequency

Reduced downtime by 99%


Within 45 days, 4 Sons spent more than $9,000 on service and repair expenses for 3 of their 10 existing frozen beverage units. 4 Sons was seeking operational efficiency methods to reduce maintenance expenses, enhance quality service to its customers and maximize the company’s profitability.

Key Challenges

  1. Key Challenge #1- Unreliable Taylor equipment
  2. Key Challenge #2 - Slow technical support and service
  3. Key Challenge #3 - Excessive noise and constant overheating
  4. Key Challenge #4 - Low customer awareness of 4 Sons products and specials


FBD approached the 4 Sons business challenge with a thorough analysis, including store visits and surveys to identify the best solution and recommendation to address the immediate business challenge, as well as identifying enhanced methods for optimization of its frozen beverage program.

  1. Reliable Equipment - FBD replaced the inefficient and problematic units with dependable FBD equipment that eliminated both noise and heat from 4 Sons’ beverage center. The advanced technology and proven design of FBD dispensers reduced the amount of maintenance needed to keep the equipment running efficiently.
  2. Free Service Provider Training - FBD trained the service partner of 4 Sons prior to equipment delivery and had technical support present for the first installation to ensure all questions were answered regarding equipment setup and usability.
  3. Merchandising Platform - The installed units came equipped with digital merchandising doors, a marketing platform that helped grow volume and traffic by promoting products and in-store specials.

Not all frozen beverage machines are created equal. Maximize your frozen beverage program with the most efficient equipment and experienced team on the market.

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