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Resource Center

Get technical support, download training materials, and learn more about the frozen beverage industry.

Locate a Service Provider

Search for nearby retailers offering FBD Frozen Products.
Explore a selection of low-maintenance, reliable, and innovative custom-built equipment tailored to various industries for a seamless and satisfying experience.


How to select a Frozen Beverage Dispenser?

Learn how the right equipment can improve your capacity to innovate.

FBD Frozen Learning and Media


FBD Frozen Academy

Everything you need to know about working with frozen beverage dispensers.


Training videos


Operations manuals

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Service bulletins


In-Depth Product Insight

Explore our comprehensive training programs covering store personnel development, detailed product overviews, and specialized product training sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a dispenser?

FBD has a comprehensive network of trained and approved distributors around the world that can provide quotes, answer questions on FBD equipment features and explain the benefits of a frozen program. For distributors inside and outside the U.S., please contact our domestic or international sales department.

How do I order a new copy of my FBD dispenser operator's manual?
How do I order parts for my FBD dispenser?
How much do FBD dispensers cost?
How do I find an FBD-certified service provider?
How does pricing work?

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