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A Frozen Carbonated Beverage Program Brings You Up to 70% Gross Profit

Frozen Carbonated Beverages are highly profitable, given that 50% of a poured drink is CO₂ (air) & 40% is water. The margins are up to double that of canned beverages and potentially 20% higher than fountain drinks.

In comparison to fountain drinks, frozen carbonated beverages benefit from higher price points and less promotional expenses, especially during the summer!

Depending on foot traffic and sales, a frozen beverage machine with a frozen carbonated drink program can pay for itself in 12 to 18 months. In channels such as movie theaters, in as little as 3 to 6 months.


Offer Your Customers a Great Drink Variety

With virtually unlimited options when it comes to syrup flavor and color, you can satisfy every customers’ frozen beverage desires!

Frozen Lemonade, Frozen Coffee, and sugar-free varieties meet the demands of customers who prefer fresh, healthier options.

Whether you are serving Generation Z, millennials or baby boomers, you can provide a drink choice everyone will love.


FCB Equipment That Doesn’t Need Frequent Cleaning or Service

The use of a closed sealed system, in conjunction with bag- in-the-box technology (BIB), means you do not have to take your unit apart to clean.

Your store staff can save up to 1-2 hours of cleaning time compared to other equipment options that require frequent cleaning.

FBD dispensers are engineered for low maintenance. FBD offers the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, making it easy to implement a profitable frozen beverage program at the store level.


A Frozen Carbonated Beverage Program Is Ideal For:

 More than 50,000 businesses across the globe have a Frozen Carbonated Beverage program, and the demand continues to rise.


Highest Proven Capacity

Higher capacity dispensers ensure you have enough product during peak times with high foot traffic and customer demand.

Reliable & Low-Maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain, constructed with fewer parts, designed for maximum uptime, and an expected lifespan of 7+ years.

24/7 Free Support

Free tech and field support, and free training on equipment, from a dedicated, 24-hour service team.

FBD is Trusted by 80% of the World’s Frozen Beverage Retailers

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