80% of the world’s frozen beverage retailers trust us. You should too.

FBD serves more than 80% of the world’s frozen beverage needs. The reason goes beyond the quality of our equipment.

Starting or upgrading a frozen beverage program requires proper planning. Selecting a commercial frozen beverage drink machine is only one of the many aspects to consider, to name a few:

  • Acquisition cost
  • Cost of operation
  • Maintenance cost
  • Reliability & uptime
  • Equipment selection
  • Installation and service provider
  • Spare parts availability
  • Warranty
  • Profitability objectives
  • Beverage selection & variety
  • Syrup, cups, straws, lids
  • Custom equipment specifications
  • Availability of certified technicians


And most importantly...

> Understanding your customer’s needs

That’s why at FBD, we are focused on helping you build a successful and profitable program that increases your customer satisfaction and meets your specific business objectives.

With FBD you’ll have the most innovative technology, plus more than 22+ years of industry experience working for you.

FBD Delivers a Standard of Excellence for Your Frozen Beverage Program

This is how FBD Frozen is different

Advantages of Working With FBD Frozen
Why It Matters
Lower Total Cost of Ownership. Better ROI.
Why It Matters
Lower acquisition costs and lower maintenance costs keep expenses at minimum. The consistent performance of FBD equipment can help you see your ROI in a short amount of time- in some cases 6 months!
Technical Training
Why It Matters
FBD requires that prior to installation and servicing of FBD equipment, the service provider technicians are factory-certified and participate in annual recertification. Our factory trainers are able to travel nationwide to meet our customers' training needs.
Why It Matters

Most serviceable components are accessible from the front of machine making service fast. No need to remove units from the counter.

Replace modules without disconnecting product lines or taking entire machine down. One main circuit board with plug-in feature makes for a quick change-out.

Operator Friendly
Why It Matters

Guided Step-By-Step LCD Instructions with graphics for performing everyday tasks and our equipment is semi-automated to reduce operator knowledge.

Fully translated interface, for Multi-Language support.

Customer Friendly Built-In Diagnostics™
Why It Matters

User-friendly warning messages provide suggestions that may help an operator troubleshoot and repair a problem quickly without generating a service call.

Each error has a QR code that links to the latest website content and videos for troubleshooting and repair.

24/7 Free Support
Why It Matters

Dedicated service team and field service trainers offer 24-hour tech support. And free training on equipment and field support.

Customized Solutions
Why It Matters

Over 532 unique equipment configurations for a complete build-to-order system with the shortest industry lead times.

Advantages of FBD Frozen Dispensers
Why It Matters
Reliable & Consistent
Why It Matters

Increase customer loyalty with consistent and high drink quality delivered by equipment designed for 100% uptime.

Smallest Footprint Equipment
Why It Matters

Maximize counter space with the smallest footprint in the industry.

Highest Energy Savings
Why It Matters

FBD Frozen equipment minimizes energy usage through software, efficient components (LED lighting, scroll compressors), and efficient cooling systems (remote condensers).

Highest proven capacity on the market
Why It Matters

Higher capacity dispensers will make you run your program more efficiently, generating more revenue per change over.

Innovative technology
Why It Matters

Our patented technology, unlike anything in the industry, is proven to deliver better and consistent end- product at a higher volume and lower cost.

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More About FBD Frozen’s Technical Innovation

Our patented technology, unmatched in the industry, is proven to deliver better and more consistent end-product at a higher volume and lower cost.

FBD Multi-Flavor

Pour Multiple Flavors in Small Spaces

FBD’s Multi-Flavor technology can pour more flavors in a smaller space allowing you to create unique and innovative multi-flavor programs such as frozen lemonade, frozen coffee, margaritas, and much more, all of which drive repeat customers and more profits!

  • Unit can pour upto 16 different drink combinations with the touch of a finger - all while maintaining the smallest footprint in the industry.
  • Premier touchscreen allows customers to easily select desired flavor combination.
  • Interface design can be customized to any brand or program.
Learn more about the Multi Flavor program
FBD OptiPour™

Maximize Profits & Pour Perfect Drinks

Optimize each frozen pour and maximize all frozen profits with FBD’s newest technology enhancement, OptiPour™. Use less product and pour drinks that your customers will come back for. With a perfect consistency, your customers will enjoy a drink that will stay frozen longer and taste better with each sip.

  • Perfect Pour: Master the perfect pour every time and find the perfect zone of frozen with a drink that is not too liquefied or thick.
  • Perfect Profits: With higher carbonation, OptiPour™ Technology uses less syrup to pour a drink that will have your customers coming back for more. Plus, cut down on service call fees.
  • Perfect Drink Quality: Offer a drink that will keep it’s frozen form. Optipour™ Technology provides a quality drink that will not collapse or melt in minutes.
  • Available on select 77X dispensers
FBD OptiFreeze™

Consistent Frozen Beverages

FBD OptiFreeze™ Viscosity Control delivers more consistent frozen beverages, drink after drink. The FBD system is more reliable because it is totally electronic, controlling refrigeration by measuring torque used to mix the product.

  • Software controlled freeze maintains constant viscosity
  • Maintained product consistency even during high demand situations
  • Prevents sloppy wet drinks on first dispense after a long period of non-use
FBD Remote Condensers™

Decrease Utility Costs, Reduce Noise & Maximize Performance

FBD Remote Condensers can serve more drinks per hour by increasing unit capacity while also operating with a lower noise level. Heat removal allows for a maximum performance and with nearly 50% reduction in weight FBD Refrigeration Condensers are easier to service.

  • Capacity increase from Air Cooled configuration up to 21%.
  • Reduce utility costs by removing heat from the store which reduces heat load on the A/ C system.
  • Quieter operation by locating fan and condenser outside of the store, resulting in noise reduction.
  • Easier serviceability with more space to work inside the unit and with flexible refrigeration connections that allow unit and base to be moved for cleaning.
  • Made to order in single and dual condenser options, just specify at time of order.
  • Ambient operation range of -20°F to 120°F.
  • Available on select dispensers.
Download Remote Condenser Spec Sheet
FBD InlineCarbonation™

Maximize Quality and Yield

FBD InlineCarbonation™ begins carbonating product before it enters the barrel. Carbonation is continually adjusted based on the condition of the product already in the barrel. FBD InlineCarbonation™ delivers maximum yield, optimal product consistency, and consistent over-run.

  • Automatic CO2 Adjustment to maintain consistent carbonation
  • Ensures proper CO2 expansion in drink
  • Maintains drink quality
FBD RapidFreeze™

Reduce Compressor Run Time Costs

Patented FBD RapidFreeze™ cold chamber system improves recovery and draw-time, while reducing compressor run-time.

  • Refrigerant in direct contact with cold chamber
  • Optimal barrel size: 176-oz.
  • Maximizes freeze-down efficiencies
  • Thinner stainless tube compared to other cold chambers

FBD RapidFreeze™ Cold Chamber is the most efficient freezing system on the market because refrigerant is in direct contact with the outer diameter of the cold chamber wall. It works the compressor less, thus extending the life and durability of the dispenser.

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