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Exploring Your Options for a Frozen Beverage Machine for Sale

The food and beverage sector is driven by trends and shifting public preferences. What’s most popular one year might be nearly forgotten the next, replaced by another up-and-coming food fad. However, some products have earned a place of permanence among consumers and businesses alike. More than 60 years after the invention of the original commercial slushy machine, frozen beverages remain a perennial favorite across demographics.

For a diverse array of businesses, from movie theaters to gas stations, quick service restaurants, and more, offering frozen beverages is a winning proposition. The right equipment makes it simple to provide interesting and delicious products based on one of the several types of frozen drinks popular today. Whether you offer the sweet relief of light and airy frozen carbonated beverages or alcoholic slushies from behind the bar, there are many potential benefits.Increasing sales, drawing in fresh consumer attention, running promotions, and tapping into trendy flavors are all possible. With the potential for a robust ROI, many businesses look keenly interested in today’s units. Considering a frozen beverage machine for sale can open the door to exciting new opportunities for your business.

Join us to examine how these machines work, what they bring to your establishment, and where offering frozen drinks makes the most sense.

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Understanding Frozen Beverage machine parts and accessories

What goes into making a frozen beverage? Various components work together to create the right conditions to freeze the water, add flavorings, maintain consistency, and dispense the drink. Understanding the parts and accessories that make up a typical unit is an excellent starting place to familiarize yourself. Here's a quick overview of the elements you should know.

Freezing Cylinders

This component is the hardware that freezes water and creates the ice crystals that provide the delightful texture. Each cylinder holds one flavor. Freezing and mixing of products take place in the cylinders, and the dispensing spigots release products from each cylinder.

Mixing Blades

Mixing blades turn on the inside of a freezing cylinder to scrape away the ice that forms during the freezing process. They also blend the ice and flavoring agents into the ideal consistency. 

Compressor Unit

The compressor, the primary refrigeration agent, functions like those in a commercial refrigerator or air conditioner. Compressors drive the powerful cooling cycle that creates the temperatures necessary to freeze water inside the unit.

Seals and Gaskets

Every unit has a series of airtight seals and gaskets that create the "closed loop" system that makes FBD units so easy to use and maintain. Although they’re made from high-quality materials to withstand long periods of wear, an annual inspection ensures your seals remain reliable.

Drip Trays

Drip trays sit beneath the dispensers of each cylinder on the machine to catch and collect any spillage that results while filling cups. The small amount of product that remains at the end of a dispenser after a pour will melt and drip out of the dispenser. Trays keep your counters clean.

Cup and Straw Dispensers

Add accessories such as cup and straw dispensers to save counter space and offer convenience to customers. Offer cups for self-service within easy reach. Make straws available next to the machine to make it clear that serving oneself and enjoying the beverage will be quick and easy. 

Base Carts

These units provide a sturdy, movable base for mounting FBD units rather than placing them directly onto counters or into walls. Internal storage space offers room for the bag-in-box syrup packs supplying the machine. Ideal for simplifying cleaning, installation, and maintenance.

BIB Racks

You may feed frozen drink units from BIBs in a back room when not using a base cart. BIB racks offer storage space for each flavor and an accessible way to route tubing to the machine – especially useful when operating multiple units or many flavors.

Installation Kits

We provide installation kits that contain everything necessary for the standard installation of an FBD machine. This kit includes all the essential fittings, tubing, and carbon dioxide regulators you'll require to get set up. These kits offer a simple way to quickly get your machine up and running.

Buck and Boost Transformers

Proper operation of a frozen drink machine requires a constant steady voltage. In areas where voltage irregularities persist, buck and boost transformers stabilize voltage and frequency to appropriate levels for correct operation. These items also protect your unit from dangerous power surges.

Using Frozen Beverage machines in bars and restaurants

Commercial drink machines for frozen beverages are almost a customary fixture in places such as convenience stores. However, they offer excellent value even to bars and restaurants, from fast casual and quick-serve establishments to more traditional dining experiences.


The presence of frozen drinks on a menu where consumers might not normally expect to find them can create a sense of fun and novelty. The traditional array of bright colors and sweet flavors for casual restaurants can prove very appealing, especially to families and teenagers.

Even more upscale restaurants can capitalize on the frozen drink trend by offering an experience that rises to the same level as their other offerings. For example, choosing a machine that creates nitrogen-infused drinks could work perfectly for a higher-end establishment. Nitro infusions create an unmistakably smooth mouthfeel while maximizing flavor and have the added benefit of being an on-trend novelty.

Bars and nightclubs looking to boost customer enjoyment should carefully consider frozen drinks, too, especially once you realize you can choose units built to dispense alcoholic cocktails. In a packed club, it's easy to imagine finding eager buyers for a drink that doesn't spill so easily and offers a big burst of recognizable mixed drink flavor, such as a frozen margarita.

Consider also the value bars could see from running a Happy Hour promotion focused on such drinks. Since it takes longer to consume a frozen drink than a regular cocktail, offering a deal on alcoholic slushies near the end of the night can motivate buyers to grab something they can enjoy until closing.

The traditional appeal of Frozen Beverage machines in movie theaters

There are many familiar sights behind the counter at movie theater concession stands: big buckets of popcorn, boxes of candy, banks of soda dispensers, and more. Among all that is something else you can find in almost any theater: an ICEE machine.


For decades, slushies have been a staple treat at the movie theater, a place that historically has almost always had associations with indulgent snacks. That history continues today as frozen drinks still generate sales for theaters.

The experience offers moviegoers something different than the typical soft drink purchase. More flavor for longer combined with the enjoyable texture of frozen drinks makes them well-suited to sipping on throughout the latest blockbuster. A frozen drink can look particularly appealing when people turn out for the hot summer movie season.

For theater owners, tapping into this demand can prove very valuable. Frozen drinks can have a very high ROI because so much of the drink (between 40 and 60%, type-dependent) is simply water. With only 10 to 25% syrup ratios, every BIB syrup makes many drinks, all served and sold at an excellent margin.

There is even the possibility of driving engagement through branded drink events. For example, a 2023 partnership between ICEE and Dreamworks Animation saw the creation of specially-themed "Trolls" flavors to promote the upcoming release of a new film in the franchise. Such branding opportunities can capture consumer interest and drive impulse buys at the concessions counter, creating new revenue opportunities.

Choosing a Frozen Beverage machine for entertainment venues


What better place for the treat of a frozen beverage than a venue that's all about fun? Entertainment venues attract a crowd that decidedly skews towards the younger set, with nearly half of all visitors falling into the 18-29 age group. It aligns precisely with the demographic group that most consumes sweetened and flavored soft drinks. With options for food and drink limited to what parks and event venues offer guests, such an alignment creates valuable opportunities for capitalizing on the factors that drive guests to crave such drinks.

Why? Besides the demographic trend lines, several elements common to amusement parks and community events make them an excellent location to sell frozen beverages. These factors include:

  • Amusement parks and events require lots of walking, and frozen drinks are ideal for carrying from point to point. It also creates opportunities to place drink kiosks throughout the park strategically.
  • Most parks are outdoors, and their activities, such as roller coasters, can be intense. The refreshment of taking a break to enjoy a frozen beverage is appealing in such places.
  • Events often happen during the warmer months of the year, further contributing to the conditions that drive drink sales.

Since you control the price of beverages throughout the park, you don't have to compete with other vendors. Instead, you can offer drinks from reliable machines capable of serving large crowds, creating impressive opportunities for a significant ROI.

Since you control the price of beverages throughout the park, you don’t have to compete with other vendors. Instead, you can offer drinks from reliable machines capable of serving large crowds, creating impressive opportunities for a significant ROI.

Frozen Beverage machines for gas stations and convenience stores

Less than a decade after the invention of the original ICEE machine, the convenience store chain 7/11 recognized the potential scope of the technology’s value. Licensing the designs from the original creator and engaging heavily in product development, it wasn’t long before a game-changer was born: the Slurpee.


With edgy, psychedelic branding, a novel name, and familiar, well-loved flavors, the iconic frozen drink became a pop culture staple that has persisted for decades. Even today, the annual celebration of "Free Slurpee Day" on July 11th creates high levels of engagement through traditional and social media.

Ever since the Slurpee's invention, frozen drinks have been a fixtures at gas stations and convenience stores. Even today, they're still a highly profitable offering for C-store owners. Many buyers enter these stores looking for something else, such as a bag of chips or another snack to take on the road. Travelers on road trips browse convenience stores while stretching their legs, looking for something to take with them. An eye-catching frozen drink unit can draw a shopper's attention and trigger an impulse buy.

The low prices of such drinks make an impulse purchase more likely. Customers can quickly pour a frozen drink in their favorite flavor and only add a few dollars to their purchase. This opportunity creates better customer satisfaction and boosts your revenue-generating capabilities. Installing an FBD unit is an easy win for convenience store operators.

Capturing sales in quick-service restaurants with Frozen Beverages

Frozen drinks are all over the quick-service restaurant industry today, speaking powerfully to how much they thrive in this sector.


Whether it's a frozen Coke from McDonald's or a Baja Blast Freeze from Taco Bell, many visible outlets see excellent value in including these beverages in their menus. The benefits are the same everywhere: the potential for a high ROI, streamlined and simple maintenance with suitable units, and appeal to the demographics most likely to visit QSRs.

At a time when many quick-service restaurants change their menus frequently, frozen drinks can add to that versatility. Many chains offer limited-time products or seasonal menus. A key advantage to choosing the right frozen drink machine for sale is the amount of variety it can bring to your menu. Within each drink category, such as frozen carbonated beverages, there are many available drink flavors. If you're in a market where a particular flavor doesn't appeal to consumers as much as elsewhere, you aren't stuck with that choice. Instead, you can swap to a flavor your customers respond to more readily.

As QSR menus change, so too should beverage offerings. What's popular today may not be as popular next year. When you can respond to shifting consumer demands and offer a refreshing frozen drink alongside the favorite food items on your menu, you'll capture sales you might otherwise miss.

Understanding Frozen Beverage machine maintenance

Proper maintenance is vital for all kinds of food service equipment, especially in high-moisture environments such as beverage dispensers.


Routine cleaning helps protect flavors and guards against the development of potential harm, such as mold, mildew, and other food safety concerns. Periodic servicing helps to identify and address wear before it becomes problematic. Keeping your machines clean and in good working order ensures you can enjoy the most uptime possible from your machine.

Many machines, especially those producing frozen uncarbonated beverages, use an "open bowl" system. These systems are ultimately open to the outside world and place a high demand on staff time for cleaning. Such machines require frequent disassembly, cleaning, and reassembly. However, FBD machines are different, we cut back on maintenance needs with an entirely closed system.

The Closed-loop and Bag in Box system for delivering syrups and flavor shots meansour machines—from the 37X series to the 77X series and everything in between—don't require disassembly to clean. A wipe-down of the exterior surfaces and rising out the machine's drip tray is all that's necessary on a daily basis. We recommend cleaning your units' air filters every few months.

As for deep cleaning and maintenance, you only need to schedule a visit from a certified technician once or twice a year. Such maintenance involves preventative work and a complete sanitizing process for the interior workings. After cleaning, technicians re-seal the machine, and you're ready to continue serving smiles and creating revenue for another year.

Effective Branding and Marketing for Frozen Beverage Programs

The presence of frozen drinks can attract customers on their own simply because these products are well-known and much-loved by many consumers. Additionally, owning dispensers creates various opportunities for potentially impactful branding and marketing events. From placing unique branding content on the machines themselves to using big brand names (such as Coke) to advertise to passersby, capitalizing on these opportunities can drive more sales.


Marketing your frozen drinks is necessary, especially after you add new machines. Executing a successful frozen beverage program requires understanding your audience and investing in efforts that will grab buyer attention. A well-branded unit that reflects your company colors, logo, or other materials draws the eye and creates curiosity, especially for self-serve drink stations.

There are many other potential marketing opportunities to explore beyond branding. Some additional options include:

  • Unique menu pairings
    Include suggested frozen drink flavor pairings that complement specific menu dishes. Such promotions also do well with frozen drink happy hours or offering the paired drink at a slight discount to encourage diners to try the combination. Servers can also educate customers about these pairings as daily specials.
  • Visible promotional signage outside and inside the location
    Promoting frozen drink specials should start before patrons enter the business. Once inside, additional signage helps reinforce the available opportunity and directs customers toward your frosty drink dispensers.
  • Seasonally inspired menus
    Consumers have indicated that limited-time offerings drive substantial sales with the rise of “pumpkin spice season” in the fall. Exploring seasonal flavor offerings can yield valuable outcomes.
  • Running social media campaigns about your new offerings
    Target specific areas and general demographic groups most likely to engage and run a promotional campaign encouraging users to take advantage of a unique opportunity.
  • Partner with influencers to promote your new product offerings
    In today's fast-paced digital world, the reach of one well-made TikTok can translate into millions of impressions with the right influencer on board.

With so many ways to market frozen drinks, you can mix and match strategies to find the recipe for success.

Start exploring the world of Frozen Beverages today


With decades of history and enduring popularity, frozen beverages aren’t going away anytime soon.

In fact, now is the time to embrace innovation in this space and start searching for new ways to delight your customers. With different drink types and an ever-increasing variety of flavorings, there's something to offer to everyone. Offering them can improve your bottom line, boost customer satisfaction, and even help set you apart from the competition.

Selecting a frozen beverage machine for sale is a choice that requires care and planning. Even within the same industry space, different businesses may need different units based on space, demand, capacity, or flavor variety requirements. Take your first steps with help from the experts at FBD Frozen today. Chat with us at your convenience and tell us a bit about your business. Together, we can work towards identifying the investment most likely to meet your needs and produce the results you want to see.

Take your first steps with help from the experts at FBD Frozen today!

Chat with us at your convenience and tell us a bit about your business. Together, we can work towards identifying the investment most likely to meet your needs and produce the results you want to see.

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