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The Frozen Program that Pays for Itself

Upgrade your beverage offerings, drive more foot traffic, and generate greater profits with the industry’s leading Frozen Beverage Program.

With the lowest cost of ownership and smallest footprint in the industry, our dispensers are easy to implement in any store. Better yet, because of their high profit-margins, Frozen Uncarbonated Beverages Dispensers can turn a profit in as little as 12 to 18 months.

With minimal training requirements, simple maintenance needs, and microscopic costs, the Frozen Uncarbonated Beverages Dispenser is perfect for any store or restaurant.

The Frozen Program

Give Your Customers Their Favorite Frozen Drinks

Primarily made of water, sugar, and flavoring, frozen uncarbonated beverages have a coarse, slushy texture that consumers have always loved!

Offer your customers a fresh spin on a classic beverage with FBD’s Frozen Uncarbonated Beverages Dispenser. With a practically endless flavor catalog, our units can pour nearly any drink your customers desire – from classics like cherry and lemonade to trendy newcomers like Mango Chili Lime and iced coffee.

With profit margins 20% higher than traditional soda fountains, these classic frozen drinks can send your profit goals to new heights!

Highest Uptimes and Lowest Maintenance--mob

The Dispensers with the Highest Uptimes and Lowest Maintenance

FBD dispensers are designed to maximize uptime by eliminating costly maintenance and upkeep requirements.

Unlike traditional granita machines, our units leverage Bag-In-Box technology (BIB) and a closed sealed system to completely eliminate daily cleaning and product preparation – saving store staff as many as two hours of routine maintenance per day. With a 24/7 technical support service, downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Best of all, our machines have the highest proven capacity in the industry, guaranteeing you will always have what your customers want most: delicious, frozen drinks!

Frozen Beverage

An frozen uncarbonated beverages dispenser Is Ideal For:

Any business in need of innovative frozen beverage programs that will bring more sales opportunities, traffic, and repeat customers.

Highest Proven Capacity

Higher capacity dispensers ensure you have enough product during peak times with high foot traffic and customer demand.

Reliable & Low-Maintenance

Easy to clean and maintain, constructed with fewer parts, designed for maximum uptime, and an expected lifespan of 7+ years.

24/7 Free Support

Free tech and field support, and free training on equipment, from a dedicated, 24-hour service team.

FBD is Trusted by 80% of the World’s Frozen Beverage Retailers

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