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Frozen products overview

Turn your counter space into profitable & fun on-the-go experiences


Frozen beverages appeal to every consumer all year round


Boost your profits

Frozen beverage dispensers allow you to offer an in-demand, high-margin product, with minimal investment and footprint, for a quick boost in profits.


Offer a wide variety

Customize your equipment to serve a wide variety of refreshing frozen drinks, including carbonated and non-carbonated, natural ingredient, or syrup-based.


Change any time

Frozen beverage flavors can be changed at any time to meet changing consumer demand and market trends.

Wide selection of Frozen products

Learn more about the various frozen beverage programs you can create with FBD’s reliable equipment options

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Frozen carbonated beverages

The most profitable beverage program. A Frozen Carbonated Beverage Program Brings You Up to 70% Gross Profit. Delivers a classic, crisp, smooth product that customers love!
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multi-flavor@2x multi-flavor@2x multi-flavor@2x multi-flavor@2x multi-flavor@2x


Customers have endless fun creating their own concoctions and experimental mixes! Pours up to 16 different, exciting, unique flavor combinations.
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nitro-infused-icon@2x nitro-infused-icon@2x nitro-infused-icon@2x nitro-infused-icon@2x nitro-infused-icon@2x

Nitro infused

Nitro-infused frozen beverages don’t just taste great; they are also highly profitable. Take your beverage service & profit margin to the next level by adding a smooth, creamy texture to frozen beverages.
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frozen-uncarbonated-beverages-icon-v2@2x frozen-uncarbonated-beverages-icon-v2@2x frozen-uncarbonated-beverages-icon-v2@2x frozen-uncarbonated-beverages-icon-v2@2x frozen-uncarbonated-beverages-icon-v2@2x

Frozen uncarbonated beverages

Upgrade your beverage offerings, drive more foot traffic, and generate greater profits with the industry’s leading Frozen Beverage Program.
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frozen-cocktail-icon@2x frozen-cocktail-icon@2x frozen-cocktail-icon@2x frozen-cocktail-icon@2x frozen-cocktail-icon@2x

Frozen cocktails

Combines the high profit margins of frozen beverages and cocktails into highly profitable frozen cocktails including daiquiris, sangrias, margaritas, frosés, and more. No matter the drink, mix the perfect cocktail every time - ensuring consistent quality and alcohol dosing.
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Explore FBD dispensers

Learn more about the commercial frozen drink machines

372 MFLV@2x

37X series

Designed for small spaces and steady traffic. Pours up to 1,800 oz./hr.

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77X series

Highest capacity, ideal for high volume locations. Pours up to 5,160 oz./hr.

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Multi-Flavor machines

More flavors less counterspace.  Small units with up to 32 Flavor combinations.

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Frozen cocktail dispensers

Available with either 1 base flavor & 4 flavor shots or 2 base flavors & 8 flavor shots.

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Make your life easier with FBD solutions and support systems


Highest proven capacity

Higher capacity dispensers ensure you have enough product during peak times with high foot traffic and customer demand.


Reliable & low-maintenance

Constructed with fewer parts, easy to clean and maintain, designed for maximum uptime, with an expected lifespan of 7+ years.


24/7 free support

Free tech and field support, and free training on equipment, from a dedicated, 24-hour service team.

Trusted by 80% of the world’s frozen beverage brands

Let’s get started building your Profitable Frozen Program today!

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