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Multi-Flavor Frozen Drink Machines

Same Counter Space. Up to 32 Flavor combinations.

Turn your smaller space into a trendy go-to destination with an exciting burst of unique flavorful combinations.

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A Multi-flavor program gives you a competitive advantage

One of the best ways to generate more traffic, increase sales, and stay ahead of your competition is to offer unique and exciting Multi-Flavor programs, such as frozen lemonade, frozen coffee, and more.

Customers have endless fun creating their own concoctions and experimental mixes!

The low cost of Multi-Flavor dispensers makes them a great value to stores due to the minimal training requirements and easy maintenance.

Multi-Flavor drink machines are ideal for locations with limited retail space and a broader target audience (such as Millennials) with constantly changing demands.

Best of all, a Multi-flavor dispenser can pay for itself in a year or less!


Multi-flavor machines offer a variety of exciting & trendy flavor combinations

With a Multi-flavor unit that pours up to 16 different drink combinations, you can satisfy the widest range of tastes and preferences.

Millennials are a perfect match for Multi-Flavor frozen beverage dispensers! Not only are Millennials more open to trying different types of drinks, including cocktails and spirits, they also prefer unique flavor combinations and high-quality products from brands they recognize and trust.

Multi-Flavor dispensers allow customers to choose 1 base flavor, and then add up to 4 additional flavors to create a completely unique drink that’s perfect for them. At the touch of a finger, customers can instantly mix the frozen beverage and flavor of their choice: lemonade mixed with strawberry, mango, blueberry, or peach; frozen coffees with a shot of mocha, caramel, hazelnut, or french vanilla, or a frozen cocktail with a shot of their favorite flavor and spirit, such as margaritas, vodka lemonade, sangria or Jack & Coke.

Trendy program options from The ICEE company

Twisted Chill
Base flavor: White Cherry
4 Additions
  • Raspberry (Flavor)
  • Mango (Flavor)
  • Blue Raspberry (Flavor)
  • Lime (Flavor)
Frozen Nitrogen Coffee
Base flavor: Coffee
4 Additions
  • Caramel (Flavor)
  • Vanilla (Flavor)
  • Mocha (Flavor)
Frozen Sangria
Base flavor: Sangria
4 Additions
  • Rosé (Spirit)
  • Merlot (Spirit)
  • Watermelon (Flavor)
  • Peach (Flavor)
Frozen Jack & Coke
Base flavor: Coca Cola
4 Additions
  • Jack Daniels (Spirit)
  • Vanilla (Flavor)
  • Cherry (Flavor)
  • Lime (Flavor)
Frozen Margarita
Base flavor: Margarita
4 Additions
  • El Jimador (Spirit)
  • Strawberry (Flavor)
  • Mango (Flavor)
  • Peach (Flavor)
Frozen Lemonade
Base flavor: Lemonade
4 Additions
  • Strawberry (Flavor)
  • Mango (Flavor)
  • Peach (Flavor)
  • Tea (Flavor)

In addition, our machine portion-controls cocktail ingredients, saving money on spirit overpour.

Best of all, Multi-Flavor frozen beverage dispensers have a high capacity, with the smallest footprint in the industry, making it the perfect choice to generate sales and boost profits, even with minimal counter space.

Our Multi-flavor combines easy-to-operate with low maintenance

Our Multi-flavor units feature a simple touchscreen interface that allows customers to easily select their desired flavor combination. The design of the interface can be customized to any brand or program!

FBD's technology ensures consistent and high drink quality, with maximum uptime. Our equipment uses a Bag in Box with base flavors and flavor shots and is designed to eliminate daily cleaning of open bowl systems and product preparation.

The use of a closed sealed system, in conjunction with bag- in-the-box technology (BIB), means you do not have to take your unit apart to clean.

Your store staff can save up to 1-2 hours of cleaning time compared to other equipment options that require frequent cleaning.

FBD drink machines are engineered for low maintenance. FBD offers the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry, making it easy to implement a profitable frozen beverage program at the store level.

A Multi-flavor program is ideal for

Smaller spaces that need innovative frozen beverage programs that will increase traffic, sales, and repeat purchases.

Multi-flavor dispenser options

Eliminate costly headaches with reliable frozen drink machine for sale

372 MFLV@2x

372 Multi-Flavor

1 static base flavor, 1 base flavor with 4 flavor shots.  Up to 17 combinations.

Learn more
771 MFLV@2x

771 Multi-Flavor

1 base flavor with 4 flavor shots.  Up to 16 combinations.

Learn more
772 MFLV@2x

772 Multi-Flavor

2 base flavors with 8 flavor shots.  Up to 32 combinations.

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Frozen cocktail dispensers

Available with either 1 base flavor & 4 flavor shots or 2 base flavors & 8 flavor shots.

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Make your life easier with FBD solutions and support systems


Highest proven capacity

Higher capacity dispensers ensure you have enough product during peak times with high foot traffic and customer demand.


Reliable & low-maintenance

Constructed with fewer parts, easy to clean and maintain, designed for maximum uptime, with an expected lifespan of 7+ years.


24/7 free support

Free tech and field support, and free training on equipment, from a dedicated, 24-hour service team.

Trusted by 80% of the world’s frozen beverage brands

Let’s get started building your Profitable Frozen Program today!

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