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Frozen Carbonated Beverages all began in a small, Kansas convenience store in the 1950s

Lacking a soda fountain on a hot summer day, a convenience store owner began storing bottles of soda in his freezer to serve them as cold as possible to his thirsty customers.

 His customers fell in love with the slushy consistency of the semi-frozen, bottled soda. As the popularity of the slushy drink grew, he began building a machine that could serve them even faster.

The first frozen beverage dispenser machines began shipping by the mid-1960s.

For 30 years, frozen beverage dispenser technology remained relatively unchanged.

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Innovative technology transforms the Frozen Carbonated Beverage industry

In the mid-1990s, seeing a lack of consistent, reliable frozen beverage dispensers on the market, Jim Frank developed a breakthrough innovation that became FBD’s proprietary frozen beverage dispenser technology.

While the old machines required frequent service, FBD’s innovative equipment combined multiple, new technologies to drastically reduce service while increasing capacity and durability.

With Jim in the role of President, Jim & Nita Frank founded FBD Partnership in 1994.

By providing customers with responsive 24/7 support, high profitability, and low operating costs, FBD continued to expand throughout the 1990s and 2000s, quickly becoming the #1 leader in the industry.

We are now trusted by 80% of the world’s frozen beverage retailers who we serve from our state-of-the-art, 140,000 sq.ft. facility in San Antonio, Texas.

The FBD Way

The creation of the frozen beverage might have been an accident, but becoming the #1 leader in the frozen beverage dispenser industry wasn’t.

We did it by focusing on 3 things:

1. Engineering Innovation

You’ll never get a piece of equipment from FBD that has been sitting on the shelf for months collecting dust. Every commercial frozen drink machine we sell is built-to-order using the latest technological advancements to ensure the highest degree of quality and reliability. Our patented RapidFreeze™ and OptiFreeze™ technologies ensure the highest dispenser durability and product consistency. With over 532 unique equipment configurations, we can completely transform the interface of our machines, whether crew-served or self-serve, to align with your marketing needs.

2. Extraordinary Reliability

FBD Frozen’s built-to-order dispensers are engineered for low maintenance and are constructed with fewer parts for maximum longevity. Our dispensers deliver high-quality frozen beverages throughout their 7+ year life-span, almost 3x as long as the average open bowl systems that are common today. The use of a closed-sealed system in conjunction with bag- in-the-box technology (BIB) means you do not have to take your dispensers apart to clean. Your store staff can save hours of cleaning time compared to other equipment options. This allows you to provide your customers consistently high drink quality with equipment designed for maximum uptime.


3. A Culture of Customer Service

When you partner with FBD, your business becomes our business. We work hand-in-hand with you to create a Frozen Beverage Program that addresses your specific needs. FBD team members believe in our products and firmly stand behind them with customer support from day one to long after the initial sale. We offer free tech and field support, and free training on equipment from a dedicated, friendly, highly-responsive, 24-hour service team. We are here for you.


Did You Know?

Based in San Antonio, TX since 1996.
Expanded operations in Asia to provide manufacturing and customer support for our Asia-Pacific customers and beyond.
Trusted by 80% of the brands offering frozen beverages, such as ICEE, Target, Taco Bell, Burger King, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi.
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Exclusive supplier to the largest Convenience Store Chain in the world.
532 unique equipment configurations, custom-built for your company’s specific needs.
Manufactured in our state-of-the-art 140,000 sq.ft. facility, designed to support any sized customer or order.
Lowest Total Cost of Ownership: Lower acquisition and maintenance costs keep expenses at a minimum, which maximizes ROI and profits.
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Shortest Lead Times: We work with the industry’s shortest lead times so that you can receive your order and start generating sales and profit as quickly as possible.
Smallest Footprint: Maximize counter space with the smallest footprint in the industry.
Highest Proven Capacity: Higher capacity dispensers ensure you have enough product during peak times with high foot traffic and customer demand.
Highest Energy Savings: Save on energy costs with intelligent software, and efficient components and cooling systems.
Most Innovative Technology: Our patented RapidFreeze™ and OptiFreeze™ technologies ensure the highest dispenser durability and product consistency.