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Meet the growing demand for innovative frozen beverages. Increase customer loyalty with the best drink quality and exciting flavors. Maximize profits with maximum uptime and the industry’s lowest cost of ownership.

Frozen Beverages Are the Fastest Growing Segment in the Beverage Industry

Expanding concession stand offerings is one of the best ways for Amusement Parks to quickly increase revenue, but finding profitable menu items that customers love can be challenging. To fill this need, more and more Amusement Parks are turning to frozen beverages because of fast-growing demand, high profit margins, small footprint, and low maintenance.

With their growing popularity and versatility, frozen beverages are the perfect concession stand item to generate more sales, without the need to install lots of large, expensive equipment.

Because price points are regulated inside Amusement Parks, you can easily generate up to 120% profit margins with a Frozen Beverage Program due to simple ingredients and a low cost of ownership. Your frozen beverage program can pay for itself in a matter of months, and everything after that is nearly pure profit.

Unfortunately, not all Frozen Beverage Programs offer the high ROI that Amusement Parks seek.

Hidden Costs that Diminish Frozen Beverage Profits

When considering which Frozen Beverage Program to invest in, many Amusement Parks managers are attracted to lower-priced options.

However, there are many hidden costs that must be considered if your objective is to maximize profits

As you can see, making a decision based solely on up-front pricing is often misleading. Lower-priced options bring many headaches and additional costs that ultimately erode your profitability.

Investing slightly more into a high-quality Frozen Beverage Program results in maximum uptime, customer satisfaction, and profitability.

Training and Labor Costs
Lower quality frozen beverage dispensers are more difficult to operate, which requires additional training that adds to your labor costs and decreases profit margins.

Cleaning, Maintenance, and Downtime
Lower quality dispensers require frequent cleaning and maintenance that can result in hours of downtime per week. Not only is your equipment unable to produce beverages to sell during this downtime, but even more training is required to teach employees to perform this maintenance correctly.Additionally, if your dispenser does not have the proper cooling technology during warmer months, the equipment can break down or take longer to pour, resulting in downtime and decreased sales.

Decreased Customer Satisfaction
Failing to properly maintain lower quality dispensers compromises their ability to pour a high-quality beverage, and reduces equipment lifespan. When popular beverages are unavailable due to equipment failures, or beverage quality decreases, customer satisfaction decreases as well. This eventually leads to lower sales long-term.

Frequent Replacement
Because of their lower-quality parts and construction, cheaper dispensers not only require more maintenance, but they also need to be completely replaced more frequently. Any cost savings are erased when you are forced to buy new equipment every few years.

What Sets Our Frozen Beverage Programs Apart

Our #1 priority is ensuring your convenience stores generate the maximum profits possible. To achieve this goal, our Frozen Beverage Programs feature the following:

1. Profitability through high frozen beverage margins

Commercial frozen drink dispensers require minimal ingredients and have the potential to create a highly profitable product offering. Slush and granita drinks are primarily comprised of water, cutting costs on more expensive ingredients, such as dairy products.

Frozen carbonated drinks provide even higher profits as they are comprised of 40% water, 50% CO2 and 10% syrup.

The simple ingredients that go into preparing frozen beverages allow your amusement park to achieve gross profits of up to 120%.


2. Lowest total cost of ownership in the industry

Training: Our dispensers are easy to operate, requiring less training than other dispensers on the market, lowering your overall labor costs.

Cleaning and Maintenance: The use of a closed sealed system in conjunction with bag- in-the-box technology (BIB) means you do not have to take your dispensers apart to clean. Your store staff can save hours of cleaning time compared to other equipment options. This allows you to provide your customers consistently high drink quality with equipment designed for maximum uptime.

Longevity: FBD’s dispensers are engineered for low maintenance and longevity. Our robust, built-to-order dispenser can stand up to the rigors of Amusement Parks much better than cheaper dispensers, and deliver high-quality frozen beverages throughout their 10-year life-span. That is almost 3x as long as the average open bowl system.

When you take all of these factors into consideration, it is clear how FBD is able to offer the lowest total cost of ownership in the entire industry.


3. Innovative ideas and a variety of flavors

Create fun customer experiences with colorful interactive visual merchandising and unique products that drive more foot traffic and sales.

Our frozen beverage dispensers give you the freedom and flexibility to choose the third-party syrup flavors and colors that meet your customers’ changing demands. Our sales team can give you recommendations and put you in contact with high-quality syrup providers that we trust. We can also provide sourcing recommendations for cups, lids, and straws that meet your business’ unique needs.

With virtually unlimited options when it comes to syrup flavor and color, you can satisfy every customers’ frozen beverage desires!


4. A Frozen Beverage Program built for your specific needs

At FBD, your business becomes our business. We work hand-in-hand with you to adjust your Frozen Beverage Program to your specific capacity and footprint needs, and to shifting market demands.

With over 532 unique equipment configurations, we can completely transform the interface of our machines, whether crew-served or self-serve, to align with your marketing needs.

You’ll never get a piece of equipment from FBD that has been sitting on the shelf for months collecting dust. Every frozen beverage dispenser we sell is built-to-order using the latest technological advancements in order to ensure the highest degree of quality and reliability. For example, technology such as water-cooling increases production during warmer weather, leading to higher uptime and sales.

In addition, we have the industry’s shortest lead times. An order placed today can be shipped out within days, which minimizes equipment downtime so that you can get back to generating sales and profit as quickly as possible.


5. A trusted partner you can rely on

Finding the best, most reliable equipment with superb customer support for your Frozen Drink Program is an important factor to consider in maximizing profit potential. We provide a dedicated service team, along with field service trainers that offer 24-hour tech support, free training on equipment, and field support.


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