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Refresh and Excite Your Guests

Keeping Guests Refreshed: Why Invest in a Frozen Beverage Machine for Entertainment Venues?


How can you make events at your venue more exciting or increase per-patron spending in entertainment venues? Sometimes, it’s the simple answers that have the biggest effects. A modern frozen drink machine can refresh visitors outdoors and indoors. Frosty beverages can attract attention and encourage impulse buying, especially on hot days.

Depending on the type of units you select, your patrons will have many choices–frozen lemonades, margaritas, daiquiris, Coke, and more. However, these machines let you do more than entice individuals and families with frozen treats. They boost buyer engagement and increase enjoyment – plus increase your profit.

Offering Delicious, Refreshing Drinks to Guests of All Ages

It’s simple to add frozen drinks to your offering with the right equipment. Whether you‘re running an event venue, a traveling carnival or a traditional amusement park, many guests will love a novel option for fresh, frozen drinks. With FBD frozen machines, you can amp up customer cheer, serve sizeable crowds, and quickly recover for the next round of buyers.

Ensuring your guests have fun and exciting options to refresh themselves is only one reason to invest in frozen drink dispensers. What other vital reasons make them ideal for entertainment venues?

You Can Readily Handle Crowds of Consumers


“How many people can I serve at once?” is a necessary consideration when buying food or beverage equipment. Entertainment venues feature crowds that may surge towards refreshment at peak times or consistently file past throughout the day.

With an FBD frozen drink machine, you can enjoy efficiency and reliability even when serving massive gatherings. Maintaining freezing temperatures and recovering after a high-volume serving period is effortless with a powerful compressor and well-engineered freezing cylinders. The machines bounce back quickly - ready to serve the next group of customers without tedious, frustrating waits.

You’ll Enjoy a High Profit Margin From Frozen Drink Machines

What’s the secret of frozen drink machines? Profit margins could range from 100% to an eye-popping 250%, depending on the size and style of unit you choose for your venue. What makes these numbers possible in the first place? The vast majority of the volume comes from water in every frozen drink. Consumable costs are far beyond your initial investment in the units, with a comparatively small ratio of flavoring syrup required to make a tasty mix. Selling even a few a day can cover costs and transform your machines into profit generators.

You Can Invest in Highly Durable Units

When you invest in a frozen beverage dispenser, you can count on long-term durability, even with substantial use. We use precision engineering and high-quality materials to increase each unit’s lifespan, with an average life typically reaching 7 or 8 years. Our resilient parts help maximize unit up-time and limit repairs. We provide the option to choose a parts and labor warranty with essential coverage for when a worn component fails or your machine is faulty.

Those Same Units Dispense Drinks Fast and Recover Quickly


When guests start lining up for frozen drinks, moving them along quickly is critical to avoiding long waits that could send them looking for another option. FBD units dispense quickly and smoothly to fill cups without delay, keeping guests smiling and satisfied. As we mentioned, the design of our units, combined with bag-in-box (BIB) products, ensures that each freezing barrel or cylinder continually refreshes the amount of product available. A low recovery time means it doesn‘t take long for a fresh mix to flow into the cylinder, freezing and blending into the product your customers crave.

You Can Keep Labor Costs Lower

With an FBD unit, there’s no need for staff to learn recipes or mix drinks by hand. They need to position the cup, pull the handle, and pour. Wiping the unit with a simple cleaning solution at the end of each day is the only maintenance required.

Our closed, sealed system means there’s never a need for time-consuming disassembly and regular sanitizing. You only need to arrange a deep cleaning and maintenance session once a year. Otherwise, keeping your BIB syrups refilled and your unit looking clean is all your staff needs to do, which translates into low operational costs in terms of labor.

You Contribute to the Fun Atmosphere

When guests visit entertainment venues and outdoor events, they expect every element of the experience to provide thrills. That includes the food and drink options they‘ll find on the grounds. You can attract visitors toward frozen beverage options with attention-grabbing signage and good branding. Novel flavor options make the visit a more unique experience—not to mention that frozen drinks are a fun indulgence. Reinforcing a fun atmosphere and contributing to positive experiences helps drive repeat business.

You Can Offer Multiple Options for Dispensing Drinks


FBD makes it simple to find units that align with your patron’s tastes and your operational needs while offering the industry’s lowest ownership cost. Choose from units that can serve 2, 3, or even 4 flavors from independent cylinders. Want to provide guests with a unique experience in a space-saving format? Explore our multi-flavor dispenser that enables guests to blend more than one taste for a fun, multicolored drink. With just one barrel, you can offer up to 16 different flavor combinations using a single base flavor and four unique flavor additions.

Explore How Frozen Drinks Can Transform Your Next Event Space

Staying refreshed at an entertainment venues or a big outdoor event is key to enjoyment. Your patrons can enjoy big flavors while enjoying the sights and sounds of your attractions with a frozen drink in a beloved flavor. High profit margins, ease of operation, and the capacity to serve the crowds you see regularly make them an even smarter investment.

With FBD Frozen, acquiring an advanced, reliable commercial frozen drink machine is straightforward. Let us share insights and advice on pairing units to best serve your customers’ preferences. Chat with us today to discover why entertainment venues, concerts, and slushies are synonymous.


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