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Maintaining Your Unit to Keep Serving Customers

Ensuring Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction: Best Practices for Maintaining Your Frozen Beverage Machine


Operating a frozen beverage machine in your business will delight customers and boost profits. To deliver the consistent experience patrons want when purchasing frozen drinks, keeping your machine in excellent working order with appropriate maintenance and upkeep is essential. From initial installation to periodic preventative maintenance one to two times a year by a trained service technician, maintenance of these machines is not difficult.

It's not only about satisfying customers; preventative maintenance lowers ownership costs when you avoid emergency downtime. With the right resources and a proactive attitude toward keeping your equipment in excellent working order, you can offer high-quality frozen drinks consistently.

While you focus on the big picture, your staff doesn’t need to—store personnel have less effort to keep your units up and running daily compared to other machines. A daily emptying of the drip tray and a quick wipe-down of the unit are all required for cleaning. For upkeep, personnel only need to replenish the CO2 for carbonating and the beverages or BIB syrups for flavoring.

With store personnel managing the simple daily requirements, what else can you do to make maintenance and operation of your equipment hassle-free?

Take Advantage of Support Available 24/7


At FBD, we offer superior support even before you purchase. With a highly knowledgeable sales team that understands your industry, we help you select a unit that aligns with your expected volume. Our support doesn't end with a sale, though. Instead, we remain committed to our buyers for the long haul.

Whenever you need help, you can find it. You can reach our dedicated technical support team 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Whenever you encounter an issue or require help troubleshooting an issue, you can reach out to us and receive prompt, friendly support. That can make the difference between downtime and lost sales or a quick fix.

Deliver Customer Satisfaction With Quality Ingredients

Using ingredients of the highest quality in your machines is also vital to delivering an enjoyable customer experience. Good flavoring syrups mix well in the machine and turn into beverages with the precise taste that customers expect. Unlike traditional open bowl machines, FBD units use a sealed and closed loop system based on "bag in box" or BIB syrups.

BIBs consist of a bag of flavoring syrup inside a protective cardboard box. You connect a bag directly to the machine using special hoses to supply a regular flow of flavoring. When bags run low, swapping in a new BIB is quick and easy, so it takes no time at all to ensure you never run out of a particular flavor. At FBD, we can help you connect with high-quality BIB vendors for all your needs.

Provide Your Staff With Adequate Training

Ensuring your staff understands how to operate and work with the frozen drink machine you add to your establishment is vital. Daily cleaning, basic operation, and troubleshooting common problems are all aspects that your staff should know. Training also helps create safety among team members so that the risk of any injury from improper operation is as minimal as possible.

Building a team that understands how to maximize frozen drink profits through proper operation is not negotiable. To simplify this process, FBD offers free online videos about the operation of your equipment for use in training store personnel. Learning how to maintain your frozen drink hardware properly won't take long, but it's an effort that keeps yielding benefits.

Know How to Conduct Quality Control Procedures

In optimal conditions, your machines should capably produce high-quality drinks all day. However, it's always wise to conduct periodic tests to ensure you're selling a product worthy of pride. Irregularities in product quality or consistency could indicate the need for a closer look at the hardware. If you detect early signs of trouble, you can contact us for more information on your frozen drink machine repair options for preventative maintenance.

Don't Forget About Annual Maintenance


Once a year, you should have an official, licensed maintenance visit for a deep cleaning and seal replacement. This process sanitizes your machine and prepares it for another year of food-safe operation. It's also an opportunity for the technician to provide that preventative maintenance we mentioned.

Choosing a Third-Party Service Provider for Maintenance

The annual maintenance period is one of the most important parts of the lifecycle of your frozen beverage machines. Choosing a technician with the appropriate training and certification is essential to ensure that all maintenance and repair work adheres to the highest standards. Likewise, you should use a provider you can trust at every stage, from installation to on-site troubleshooting and, when necessary, providing repairs. Finding a qualified technician for FBD units operating in your area is simple with our service provider locator.

With the appropriate training, highly accessible support, and periodic maintenance, keeping your frozen beverage machine in good working order is simple. In doing so, you both protect and prolong your investment's value while ensuring you continue delivering the highest-quality product to consumers. Learn more about our support options and how to keep your equipment running day in and day out when you connect with us today.


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