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Enhance the Moviegoing Experience

Discover How Your Movie Theater Benefits From Choosing a Frozen Beverage Machine


It might be the feature film offerings that drive people to go to the movies, but the experience a theater offers drives audiences to pick a particular location. Theater owners understand this. You know that the key to earning repeat business is offering an enjoyable, comfortable experience that enables patrons to fully engage with the enjoyment of their visit. How can you find new ways to attract business and excite visitors about your establishment?

Adding a frozen beverage machine to your concessions lineup could be the answer. For some visitors to the movie theater, a slushie machine may even be an expectation. Adding the right unit from FBD Frozen to your lineup can provide a clear path to enhancing revenue and repeat business. Let's take a closer look at why theaters such as yours should strongly consider expanding the variety of beverage options they provide.

More Easily Increase Profits at the Concession Stand


In the average movie theater, drinks and food from the concessions stand are a key money-maker. Unlike the sales of actual tickets, where theaters receive only a portion of the revenue, concessions are entirely under the control of the business itself. Finding ways to boost the profitability of your concession stands is essential to your overall success.

Frozen drinks are an ideal solution for two reasons. First, for many people visiting a movie theater, a slushie or other type of frozen drink is a go-to choice for pairing with popcorn or other snacks. The widespread popularity of such beverages makes them a natural choice at the movies. Second, frozen drinks enjoy very high profit margins due to low ingredient costs. Expanding your menu into this space can offer a clear path to increased profits.

Serve Large Crowds With a Quick Recovery Time

Theaters tend to experience waves of demand throughout the day that coincide with the most popular showtimes. As a result, there may be times when your concessions staff serves up frozen drink after drink to a long line of customers. FBD units feature fast "recovery times," and the machines quickly return to the appropriate temperature even after dispensing a large volume of product. Shorter recovery times mean less time spent waiting to dispense more drinks, helping you reduce wait times and achieve higher sales due to more continuous availability.

A fast recovery time is only one element of the equation—the volume of the barrel matters, too. Our units feature barrel capacities from 128 to 184 ounces. This large space, combined with quick recoveries, means you can dispense between about 1,800 to 5,160 ounces per hour, depending on your chosen unit. Large capacities equal more guests served at one time, while quick recoveries translate into more guests served over time.

Choose Machines That Deliver the Variety Audiences Demand

Different machines and setups let you produce different types of drinks. For example, some movie theaters sell a more "upscale" experience by having a small bar area that serves fresh cocktails for moviegoers. You could select a machine for producing frozen cocktails, such as margaritas, and add more variety to your alcohol-based menu offerings. Even machines meant for classic offerings such as frozen carbonated soft drinks can let you embrace variety. 

With numerous flavors, you can keep customers excited for old favorites and new experiences. In fact, you can create opportunities for unique experiences. Our Multi-Flavor units offer something special: putting the power to customize drinks in the hands of customers. Using a base flavor and additional flavor “shots,” you can offer multiple ways to mix and match tastes in one machine. With a single barrel and one base flavor, you can offer  up to 16 combinations. Step up to two base flavors and eight “shots,” and now you have a machine that provides 32 combos. With these units, you can build innovative beverage programs that offer much more variety to consumers.

Showcase Exciting Specials With Ease


The concessions stand is the best place to capture impulse buys. Setting eye-catching specials with relevant signage may convince a patron to purchase a frozen drink when they might have opted for something else. You might even get creative and start running promotions and specials based on what's currently playing, enabling you to capitalize on new sales opportunities without extra marketing expenses effectively.

Well-Designed Displays Offer Ease of Use

Frozen drink machines feature pleasing designs that draw attention right away. Aside from bright signage, the colorful presence of the different drink options inside the machine drives consumer interest. With easy-to-read labels and a simple handle for dispensing, an attractive display helps make more sales.

Decrease Order Turnover Times at Concessions

Setting up a frozen beverage machine for self-service is easy. In fact, customers may be very familiar with the process of selecting and dispensing their preferred flavor. When staff doesn't have to focus on preparing every drink, you can boost the overall efficiency of your concession operations. The efficiency increase is very apparent in bar areas, too. Team members can focus on helping more customers with high-quality service or catch up on cleaning and stocking tasks throughout the day.

Make the Customer Experience at Your Theater Unique


With attention-grabbing lights and colors, a frozen drink machine can start generating interest from patrons as soon as they arrive. There's a good reason that many people can imagine the sight of a classic movie theater ICEE machine: these special treats help set the theater experience apart. With the right setup, you can contribute to a fun atmosphere while making it simple for customers to grab what they want and head to their seats.

Exploring Your Next Steps

The movie theater slushie machine has been a fixture in many establishments for years. With modern units, you can serve high-quality products in the necessary volume to satisfy crowds of moviegoers. All the while, you can enjoy ease of operation, low maintenance requirements, and higher profit margins. Connect with us today to learn more about available units and explore what solutions will work best for your movie theater.


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