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Setting Up for Marketing Success With Frozen Drinks

Exploring Branding and Marketing for Frozen Beverage Programs


As you consider whether to invest in frozen beverage machines, how you will brand your program and market your drinks should be a primary concern. However, trying to figure out the right way forward can also be a source of stress and anxiety. How can you ensure that you set up a program to make your offerings stand out from the competition? It doesn't have to be an insurmountable challenge. By taking things step by step and forging the right partnerships, you can set yourself up for success.

What strategies should you explore to simplify your journey to improving sales in your beverage program? We've compiled a quick list below that you can consult to get started. Here's what you should consider trying.

Establish a Clear and Recognizable Brand Identity


Some establishments offer frozen beverages without any specific label or branding beyond the signage for the products inside the machine. However, taking the time to create a recognizable identity for this product lineup may help drive repeat business in the future. Consider the recognizability of major chain-based brands, such as ICEE. Customers recognize not only the names of these products but also the imagery and colors associated with them.

Explore creative ways to name and brand your frozen beverage offerings. Branding helps make your product selection seem more special and unique. When customers see signage about your brand during future visits, they'll remember you have frozen drinks ready to enjoy--and that could make a difference in your sales numbers.

Monitor Trends and Stay Ahead of the Curve

Remember, this is the world of business, not the classroom; there's no penalty for peeking at what your competitors do. Identify the current trends related to frozen beverage consumption in your area and industry. Which flavors are most popular and when? Do your competitors offer incentives for purchasing drinks over time, such as a loyalty program? Looking at wider trends in the beverage space is essential, too, as you could identify up-and-coming flavors and begin offering them before your competitors do.

With clear insights into what's popular and what might be about to go out of style, you can plan a beverage program that's positioned to capture consumer interest. Through a partnership with FBD, you can continue to evolve to take advantage of emerging trends and drink styles with advanced equipment. From nitrogen-infused beverages to frozen cocktails, there are exciting new ways to think about frozen drinks available right now.

Explore What's Possible With Promotions and Giveaways


You can likely count on some businesses to offer frozen drinks simply because the public knows and understands these beverages. However, you could drive more awareness and capture more sales by undertaking promotional events or even giveaways. For example, you might offer a small, discounted, or even free frozen drink combined with a specific food item purchase. This drives other sales while also giving customers a taste of what you offer, which could, in turn, lead to return business and actual purchases in the future.

A classic loyalty promotion is another potential option. For example, you might offer a free drink after a certain number of prior purchases. Such a program incentivizes customers to continue returning as they progress toward a free item. By focusing your attention on developing promotions that align with your business and its audience, you can more effectively generate sales without major expenditures on advertising and marketing.

Plan Carefully, Evaluate Your Progress, and Make Adjustments

Success rarely happens overnight; the same is true when running a frozen beverage program. Even some of the most well-known frozen beverage brands took time to establish themselves and develop a loyal following. The simple fact is that good branding and marketing helps, but many consumers have an excellent awareness of frozen drinks already—so your job is to ensure your patrons know all your options.

Whether adding frozen cocktails to a bar or installing machines to serve frozen carbonated beverages in a gas station, focus your marketing on creating awareness about your specific offerings. With highly reliable machines and support from FBD Frozen combined with savvy marketing, you can set yourself up to enjoy real value from an investment in frozen beverage machines.


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