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Boost Business With Interesting New Drinks

How Frozen Beverage Machines Can Boost Your Bar or Restaurant's Profits


The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive and challenging sectors to operate in today. Thin margins, crowded markets, and other factors combine to create a scenario where success requires innovation and consistency. When you must find new ways to offer more value and variety than the competition, investing in restaurant drink machines that produce exciting frozen beverages could be the way to go.

Using advanced and simply operated equipment bypasses the tedious process of using blenders, ice makers, and manual labor to create blended frozen drinks. At the same time, you can reach into an untapped area of consumer demand for your bar or restaurant. Whether you offer uncarbonated fruit juice smoothies, frozen carbonated drinks, or frozen cocktails, these options can increase business, leave customers happier, and positively impact your bottom line.

Take this opportunity to explore more about today's cutting-edge solutions from FBD Frozen and how your bar or restaurant can benefit from adding a fresh menu item.

Exploring the Key Benefits of Frozen Beverage Machines

Adding any new equipment to a restaurant or bar demands careful consideration. An addition should bring value to your business in more ways than one, and a frozen drink machine does just that. The multiple benefits make it easy to see why this hardware increasingly finds a home in diverse establishments.

First, the drinks these machines produce are exceedingly cost-effective. They contain only a few ingredients: water, air, or carbon dioxide (depending on machine and drink type). Flavoring syrups come in large bags in boxes or BIBs, enabling volume savings. Despite the low ingredient input costs, restaurants can charge higher prices for frozen drinks, creating excellent profit opportunities.

Second, you can deliver a consistent result to every patron today, tomorrow, next week, and beyond. FBD machines provide excellent reliability in taste and texture, even during high-volume serving periods. A sealed, closed-loop system combines with easy-to-swap BIBs so that these frozen drinks are simple to make—with the same delicious taste, pour after pour. You won’t need noisy blenders or a machine that demands disassembly for cleaning. In an industry where repeat business is critical, consistency matters.

Third, we offer various designs that simplify choosing a suitable unit for your establishment. Whether you need to serve at high volume or make the most of a small space, there's a unit for you. Simple operation contributes to a quick integration into your business.

Finally, there are many drink varieties you can serve. Depending on the type of machine, you could offer frozen uncarbonated beverages, frozen carbonated beverages, or even alcoholic cocktails.

The Types of Frozen Drink Machines to Know


At FBD, we've developed several innovative product lines to align with the different levels of need across the industry. Selecting the appropriate machine is a matter of considering several important elements, such as:

  • Available space
  • Number of flavors you wish to offer
  • Average daily traffic
  • Hourly pouring capacity
  • Do you wish to offer alcohol-infused frozen cocktails?

Our currently available dispensers for bars and restaurants include:

  • The 15X series - a low-footprint unit best for low-volume establishments in select international markets only.
  • The 37X series - another low-footprint unit best suited for bars or restaurants that expect to do steady business throughout the day.
  • The 77X series - the best fit for high-volume, high-traffic establishments. This line includes the 77X FC, which creates frozen cocktails such as daiquiris, margaritas, and more.

Speed Up the Pace of Service

Wait times are always a concern in restaurants, especially at bars, where mixed drinks take time to create. A frozen drink at the bar can reduce service times because the beverages are ready immediately. Even in multi-flavor machines, when guests request customization, dispensing is fast, and bartenders can serve the beverage without delay. That reduces ticket times and enables you to serve more patrons and generate more revenue.

Expand Your Audience and Attract More New Customers


Many people visiting bars and restaurants crave something new. How many of your competitors have a bar slush machine? A frozen beverage dispenser could be the perfect opportunity to edge out the competition by attracting customers with novel offerings, such as unique flavors or a happy hour themed around frozen cocktails. Adding new drinks to your menu can also create marketing opportunities where you can promote these offerings to new market segments.

Enjoy the Advantages of Frozen Beverages Made Simple

Expanding your audience with the addition of frozen drinks doesn’t mean installing a bank of blenders behind the bar. You also aren’t limited to granita-style machines with large, open bowls, making it a challenge to maintain product quality and hygiene. FBD units are easy to use and simple to clean, with no need for daily disassembly. The use of FBD machines means quieter operation—especially compared to the noise of constantly running blenders struggling to manage demand during happy hour.

Considering the Costs of Acquisition and Operation

As you explore your options in the frozen beverage space, it is advisable to consider all the costs associated with acquiring and operating a machine. The initial price of the unit is only one element. Energy consumption, ingredient costs, ongoing expenses such as annual maintenance, and potential repairs could affect your decision-making process. Fortunately, FBD machines only require a daily wipe-down that conveniently slots into your day-end routine.

All things considered, FBD units stand out in this space by delivering the lowest cost of ownership. Our units can offer restaurants and bar owners a clear path to profitability on this investment.

Enjoy Confidence With Robust Warranty Options

Your peace of mind matters when investing in new hardware, such as a restaurant slushie machine. No one wants to take on a business expense that doesn't pan out because of mechanical failures or manufacturing defects. Choosing a reliable partner like FBD Frozen ensures you enjoy favorable warranty terms that protect your investment in those first months after installation. With an optional labor warranty available as an add-on purchase, you can safeguard against the unforeseen as you establish your frozen beverage program.

Engage With Reliable Training and After-Sales Support

Before you buy a unit for your restaurant, such as a margarita machine, it's worth exploring what training options are available. The more quickly you can familiarize your staff with the daily operation of a frozen drink machine, the greater confidence you can develop in the unit's safe, effective operation. Likewise, if you need help troubleshooting or another issue develops, responsive customer service is a must-have. At FBD, we provide an in-depth training program for our buyers while also fielding a friendly and trusted customer support team to provide the assistance you need.

Exploring Branding Opportunities

Finally, consider that selling frozen drinks is an opportunity to reinforce your branding in the minds of your patrons. There is potential for special cups printed with your establishment's logo or a catchphrase solely for frozen drinks. You could include the cup in the purchase price or offer them for sale separately. This effort transforms frosty beverages from daiquiri bar machines into a memorable experience attached to a fun souvenir.

Bringing Frozen Drinks to Your Bar or Restaurant is Doable


Keeping your bar or restaurant competitive might not be easy, but embracing opportunities to innovate and differentiate your business contributes to success. By incorporating frozen drinks into your menu, you can specialize in what your clientele will want the most, whether it's a frozen margarita or a multi-flavor frozen lemonade.

Finding a frozen restaurant drink machine is simple, with experienced insights from the team at FBD Frozen. Connect with us today to learn more about selecting a unit best suited to your needs.


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