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FBD Frozen Academy!

Everything you need to know about working with frozen beverage dispensers

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Why FBD Academy

Why use FBD Frozen Academy for your online training?

Don’t waste time and money redoing work – learn how to install, maintain, operate, and troubleshoot FBD dispensers from the experts. Get hands-on experience from our training videos and download our service bulletins and operations manuals for future reference.

With our free FBD Frozen Academy you get:

  • 24/7 access to short but detailed training videos
  • All the resources your team needs to get comfortable using FBD dispensers
  • Practical, reliable, and trackable professional learning to upskill on dispenser use Operations manuals, service bulletins, and other featured content for easy reference
  • And much more!
Featured Content

Training Videos

By the time you’re finished with these videos, you’ll be able to safely install and operate an FBD machine, navigate setup menus, set up ancillary materials, and much more.

Operations Manuals

This course consists of installation, operation, and service manuals for all dispensers on our offer. It includes illustrated part lists and instructions in four different languages.


Service Bulletins

From showing you how to find a refrigeration leak to changes in design and materials, the Service Bulletins course offers a wide range of topics to keep you up-to-date on the latest industry information.


Main Takeaways

With FBD Frozen Academy, you will get access to lessons that will help your team with everything from initial installation to preventive maintenance.

Here are just a few things we will cover on the way:

  • How to safely unpack and install your FBD machine
  • How to effectively manage and operate the machine
  • 4 elements to creating a frozen drink
  • Preventive maintenance and cleaning procedures
  • Troubleshoot a range of basic potential issues with an FBD dispenser

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Meet your instructor
Magnus Achu

Hello!!! My name is Magnus Achu. I am the Sr. Manager, Customer Service here at FBD. I have been with FBD for over 11 years.

During this time, I have held different positions and worked in other departments. I started in Shipping as a Temp Employee, then moved to Production where I learned how to assemble and test machines.

From there, I moved to Tech Support where I learned how to troubleshoot and fix machines over the phone with service technicians. While in Tech Support, I was able to travel all over the USA and abroad to train technicians on how to install and service FBD equipment.

Currently, I am leading our Customer Service, Tech Support and Field Service Team. I enjoy talking to our customers and helping them resolve any issues from when the order is released to FBD, till when the unit is installed and operating in the field.