Slush & Granita Program is the low-cost frozen program option

Slush and granita offers an appealing array of colors and flavors and a refreshing, slushy texture, these frozen beverages are a crowd favorite, especially among kids and teens.

Their low cost makes them a great value to stores due to the minimal training requirements and easy maintenance. Ideal for locations with few employees or high employee turnover.

Depending on foot traffic and sales, a slush and granita dispenser can pay for itself in 12 - 18 months – in some cases, even less than a year.


Creates an appealing Colorful Frozen Experience

Whether in a convenience store, in an amusement park restaurant, colorful slush and granita machines are eye-candy that never fail to attract a crowd!

Slush/ granita drinks last long, they are not messy and make for the coolest multi-colored drinks and colored tongues competitions.

No surprise they are all the hype amongst the Generation Z.


Slush & Granita dispensers combine easy-to-operate with low maintenance

Our pour over granita-style machine, the Oasis, features an elegant display that adds appeal to any counter space.

Its simple, beautiful design is easy to maintain and does not require tools for disassembly.

Best of all, the Oasis also has a small footprint, making it the perfect choice to deliver consistent profitability, in even the smallest of counter spaces.


A Slush & Granita Program Is Ideal For:

Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe have a Slush & Granita program, and the trend keeps increasing!


Convenience stores located next to schools and outdoor parks.


Restaurants & Bars


Movie Theaters

Dispenser Options

Implement your Slush and Granita Beverage program with reliable equipment options:

FBD is The Partner of Choice for over 50K Locations Across the World

Highest Industry Capacity
Choose from over 532 unique equipment configurations for a complete build-to-order system that meets your capacity needs with the shortest industry lead times.
Reliable & Consistent
Increase customer loyalty with consistent and high drink quality delivered by equipment designed for 100% uptime.
24/7 Free Support
Dedicated service team and field service trainers with 24-hour tech support. And free training on equipment and field support.
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