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How do I buy a dispenser?
FBD has a comprehensive network of trained and approved distributors around the world that can provide quotes, answer questions on FBD equipment features and explain the benefits of a frozen program. For distributors inside and outside the U.S., please contact our domestic or international sales department.

How do I order a new copy of my FBD dispenser operator's manual?
Sign in to our member-only area here. Once logged in you can browse PDF downloads of all our current and past models.

How do I order parts for my FBD dispenser?
Contact the FBD Customer Service department for any dispenser parts order.

How much do FBD dispensers cost?
FBD dispensers are most competitively priced. Moreover, given the high margins on frozen drinks, our customers typically see a complete return-on-investment in less than one year! Price levels depend on many factors such as quantity and the number of flavors. Contact the FBD-approved distributor nearest you to obtain a quote.

How do I find an FBD-certified service provider?
FBD trains and certifies service agents throughout the country. View the map to find the service provider nearest you.