Built for maximum profits in the smallest spaces

Quick Service Restaurants
Convenience Stores
Bars & Lounges
Small Footprint

The Oasis has a small footprint, making it the perfect choice to deliver consistent profitability, even in the smallest of counter spaces.

Easy to Clean

No tools are required for bowl disassembly and cleaning. Simple intuitive controls are positioned in front of each bowl.

Consistent Drink Quality

Defrost function makes it easy to maintain product consistency. Frozen or chilled product can be dispensed allowing for more variety in less space.

Sleek & Appealing Italian Design

Designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards in Italy, the Oasis features a sleek design and innovative illumination system that enhances consumer attraction. The Oasis is based on a stainless steel chassis which makes it not only sleek, but durable.

  • No tools required for bowl disassembly
  • Intuitive controls conveniently positioned at the front of the unit
  • Defrost function maintains product consistency
  • Optional Autofill function reduces operator’s need to monitor product level

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2 bowl option featuring an economical price point, minimal counter space required, and no tools required to clean.

  • Base Carts
  • Service Tools & Supplies

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