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Scroll™ Compressors

The Most Reliable Compressors Available

  • FBD® utilizes Scroll™ non-reciprocating compressor technology, which is proven to be more reliable than reciprocating compressors.
  • Due to fewer moving parts, Scroll™ non-reciprocating compressors offer a smooth, quiet operation with less vibration.
  • Our Scroll™ compressors are rated at twice the number of starts of reciprocating.
  • Utilizing a single Scroll™ non-reciprocating compressor and fan motor makes the dispenser more efficient and cost effective.
  • FBD Dispensers operate on 20 Amps on the 562 and 563 models, and 30 Amps on the 564 models, and all have 220 volt, 3 wire single phase; same as the 550 series.
  • Scroll™ non-reciprocating technology allows for a more compact footprint; with the FBD 564 delivering the smallest footprint for a 4-flavor dispenser in the industry (only 26 inches wide - most frozen beverage profits in least amount of space)