Cater to the 18-39 age group and expand into a new markets

Smoothies and shakes offer a gourmet frozen experience combining natural-based ingredients and endless topping choices.

In 5 years alone, smoothie consumption has increased 120%. Millennials (age 18-39) make up 50% of the consumer base, consuming more smoothies, frozen blended coffees and milkshakes than any other age demographic.

Generating up to 70% profits, smoothies are the perfect pairing to fast casual restaurants and convenient stores.

Depending on foot traffic and sales, a smoothie and shake dispenser can pay for itself in a year or less!

smoothie-shake-machine--healthier -snack
smoothie-shake-machine--healthier -snack

Offer Your Customers Healthier Snack Options

Whether a fast casual restaurant or a convenience store, shakes and smoothies gives an opportunity to continue to thrive and evolve to fit customer’s needs and preferences:

  • Serve the health-conscious consumers natural ingredient based smoothies
  • Attract the trendsetters with frozen cocktails, coffees, and other frozen beverages
  • Indulge the 18-39 age group looking for a snack alternative with a good old-fashioned chocolate milkshake
smoothie-shake-machine--healthier -snack
smoothie-shake-machine--healthier -snack

Smoothies & Shakes Equipment that allows for Tool-Free Cleaning

Featuring an innovative user interface that enables quick commands, our Smoothies & Shakes dispenser provides a design that improves serviceability and productivity while significantly reducing time spent on unit maintenance.

It’s simple design allows for streamlined usage and tool-free cleaning with minor disassembly.

Plus, our units were built to have a smaller footprint than competitors – more pours, less space.


A Shake & Smoothie Program Is Ideal For:

Hundreds of thousands of businesses across the globe have a Shake & Smoothie program, and the trend keeps growing!


Convenience stores located next to schools and universities.


Quick Serve Restaurants that offer fast casual dining experiences.


Universities & Colleges canteen.


Amusement Parks

FBD is The Partner of Choice for over 50K Locations Across the World

Highest Industry Capacity
Choose from over 532 unique equipment configurations for a complete build-to-order system that meets your capacity needs with the shortest industry lead times.
Reliable & Consistent
Increase customer loyalty with consistent and high drink quality delivered by equipment designed for 100% uptime.
24/7 Free Support
Dedicated service team and field service trainers with 24-hour tech support. And free training on equipment and field support.
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