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15X Series

Built for small spaces and low traffic

Snack Bars
Convenience Stores
Compact Footprint
The 15X Series maximizes counter space with the smallest footprint in the industry – up to 31% smaller and 56% lighter than other multi-barrel units.
Lowest Acquisition Costs
Most inexpensive frozen carbonated beverage machine on the market.  Comparable in price to inexpensive open bowl machines.
High Profitability
The 15X packs FBD’s trusted reliability and usability features into a compact 2-barrel dispenser that can pour up to 1,320 oz./hr.
Low Maintenance Costs

Our dispensers require no daily cleaning or dismantling to help reduce labor costs and extend equipment lifespan.

Easy to Operate

Simple and intuitive user interface makes operating this unit easy to use and service.

Drink Quality & Customization
  • Inline Carbonation™ Proprietary Advanced Carbonation Control System electronically controls gas injection ensure the correct drink profile.  
  • OptiFreeze™ Maintains product consistency to deliver the most consistent frozen beverage - drink after drink.

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2 Flavor option featuring an improved capacity and continuous draw of up to 1,320 oz per hour.

With +572 configurations available, you can get equipment that meets your business goals and requirements:

  • Capacity Options:
    15X, 37X, 77X
  • Refrigeration Options:
    Self-contained condensing
  • Appearance Options
    Colors: stainless, red, black
  • Dispensing Valves:
    SDV  & DDV
  • Base Carts
  • Installation Kits
  • Stackable BIB Racks
  • Buck & Boost Transformers
  • Cup/Lids/Straw Dispensers
  • Service Tools & Supplies

Download the Remote Condensor Spec Sheet

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