Without a doubt, there’s ample opportunity for store owners to turn a profit with a frozen drink offering.

Consumers can’t get enough of them. The novelty of the frozen drinks category, fused with the variety of flavors, and the fact they’re not easy to make at home mean many stores can charge a premium price tag.

But what about the machines themselves? Are they cost-effective? How easily can ROI be realized with a frozen drinks machine? 

Let’s consider five different ways a frozen drinks machine can make you money.

Maximum Margin, Minimal Ingredients 

Frozen drinks machines start earning from day one. High impact, eye-catching machines that can be custom branded and placed in most spaces; they always turn heads.

From milkshakes to iced coffees to slush and granita – frozen drinks are, for the most part simply water or milk and syrup. However, Frozen Carbonated Drinks machines come out on top in the profit stakes. Containing just 10% syrup – plus 50% CO2, and 40% water – they’re cheap to produce without compromising quality.

The overall cost of a frozen carbonated beverage equates to less than 50 cents in most cases – once you factor in cups and straws etc. Not bad considering they can retail for up to $7 in some locations. 

High Capacity, Low Effort

Uptime is everything when you own a frozen drinks machine. After all, if you can’t serve, you can’t sell. Luckily, high capacity dispensing machines (like ours) ensure that everything runs smoothly – even during busy times, such as after-school and weekends.

Maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum with most machines but again frozen carbonated drinks machines come out on top. They arrive sanitized and – as long as syrup and CO2 levels are kept topped up – only need routine maintenance once a year.

Equipment Integrity

Designed to last at least seven years, our frozen drink machines are built with fewer parts – meaning they stay in top-notch condition for longer. Dispensers equipped with external communication devices are capable of sending notifications when it is not running optimally. 

Common complaints are usually things like the machine going into defrost mode or syrup running low. But these are easily remedied and owners can be shown how to tackle these.


Flavor Varieties & Combinations

From mainstream favorites like cola, orange, and blue raspberry; to custom combos like strawberry lemonade or ICEE Twisted Chill , – and not forgetting grown-up alternatives like frozen  margaritas, sangria, or whiskey and cola – Multi-Flavor frozen drinks machines pack a premium punch.

The more flavors your machines provide, the more appeal your offering will have – and the more profit you’re likely to generate; as long as you have the right amount of customer footfall; and a price that’ll appeal to their pocket change.

Finance Options

Generally, frozen drinks machines offer excellent return-on-investment – less than 12 months in many cases. While competitively priced, for smaller businesses renting or leasing machines may be preferable to an outright purchase. 

It’s always a good idea to explore what the possibilities are with different machine providers – but make sure you consider the total cost of ownership, servicing and maintenance charges, and the cost of syrups and CO2 from each one. It could be that the hidden costs outweigh the largest cost of the frozen drinks machine itself.

All things considered, there are many different ways that businesses of all shapes and sizes can turn a profit from investing in a frozen drinks machine. 

It takes ambition and imagination to make your investment a commercial success. But with support from the right partners, the opportunity is for the taking!

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