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Everything You Can Make with a Commercial Frozen Drink Machine


In the world of beverages, few seem to have as much upside as high-margin frozen drinks.

Undeniably popular, a recent study found that 51% of consumers have consumed frozen drinks in the last month, with 30% saying they’ve purchased more now than a year ago. Better yet, frozen drinks are so popular that you can begin turning profit on a dispenser in two years or less. 

Versatility is a large contributor to the broad appeal of frozen beverages. With high-quality frozen programs, you can offer a range of drinks that fit exactly what your customers are looking for – whether they want refreshing frozen lemonades, classic Coke and Red Cherry slushies, or iced cocktails.

In this article we will explore the different drinks you can make with commercial frozen drink machines, as well as the benefits of owning a dispenser.

Benefits of a Frozen Beverage Dispenser

Frozen beverage dispensers offer a range of benefits that directly contribute to more sales and greater profits. The FBD Frozen Beverage Program in particular offers the best performing systems in the industry, which keep costs at a minimum in order to improve profit margins. 

The top benefits of a commercial frozen drink machine is:

  • Highly-profitable: With margins 20% greater than traditional fountain drinks, frozen beverages can transform your bottom line. You can expect profit margins of 70-120% on your frozen beverages, depending on your unit, location, foot traffic, and more.
  • High demand: Over one-half of consumers ordered a frozen beverage in the last month, with a third ordering more now than a year ago. Frozen beverages are undeniably popular among kids and adults alike.
  • Ease of operation: Our frozen beverage machines are easy to learn, keeping training costs at a minimum, and arrive ready for immediate use.
  • Customizable marketing: With FBD, you can personalize the branding on your units to amplify your product’s appeal.
  • Low supplies cost: Costs for flavor syrup, water, electricity, and packaging are all minimal, guaranteeing high-margins.
  • Low maintenance requirements: FBD units use a Bag-in-Box technology and a closed seal system. As a result, they can serve frozen drinks for a year without routine maintenance or cleaning. Additional diagnostic technology, as well as 24/7 technical support, keep downtime to a minimum.
  • Small footprint: FBD units take up the lowest counter space in the industry, making a perfect fit for your business – regardless of its size.


Drinks You Can Make with FBD Machines

FBD’s Frozen Beverage Program offers 532 unit configurations, as well as hundreds of syrup flavors. As a result, there are tons of different types of drinks that you can make with frozen beverage dispensers.

In this section we will explore the different drinks you can serve with an FBD unit, separated by the type of machine that can produce them.

Frozen Carbonated Beverages

The modern version of the classic granita machine, frozen beverage dispensers operate similarly to soda fountains.

A commercial frozen drink machine combines water, carbon dioxide, and flavored syrup in a closed-seal system, surrounding the beverage with a refrigerant to cool it below freezing temperature. A combination of sugar, CO₂, and pressure (approximately 40 P.S.I.) keeps the mixtures from freezing.

On average, CO₂ makes up about half of a frozen carbonated beverage – cutting the cost of both water and syrup. Beyond being more profitable, the appeal of frozen carbonated drinks is their consistency. When pouring a drink, pressure releases and ice crystals expand, which lead to a smooth, fluffy texture that customers love.

FBD Frozen. Red frozen carbonated beverage with straw.Typically, frozen carbonated beverage machines are used to produce iced versions of juices or sodas – similar to slushies and granitas. With the Frozen Beverage Program, you can choose from hundreds of different syrup flavors, including classics like Blue Raspberry and Red Cherry, new flavors like Mango Chili Lime, and well-known brand favorites like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Mountain Dew, and Dr. Pepper.

Examples of popular frozen carbonated beverages include:

  • ICEE
  • Slurpee (7-Eleven)
  • KOOLEE (Kum & Go)
  • FREEZONI (QuikTrip)
  • Frozen Baja Blast (Taco Bell)

Frozen Nitro-Infused Drinks

If you have stumbled into a bar or coffee shop in the last few years, you’ve almost certainly seen signs for the newest beverage craze: nitrogen-infusion.

Industry leaders like Starbucks and Guinness have gone mainstream with their “nitro” offerings, creating products like nitrogen-infused cold brew and beer. Recently, even major soda brands have entered the ring, including PepsiCo with their NITRO PEPSI line.

You can introduce frozen nitro-infused drinks to your customers with an FBD Nitro-Infused dispenser.

FBD Frozen. Waitress gives a patron a nitro-infused frozen beverage.

Substituting nitrogen for CO₂ leads to a similar frozen beverage, except with a much smoother and creamier texture. This consistency is perfect for rich flavors that customers love, such as frozen coffee, lemonade, tea, and Orange Creamsicle. Along with their striking appearance, the drinks are also a great alternative for lactose-intolerant patrons, as well as those looking to cut calories. 

Similar to frozen carbonated beverages, nitro-infused drinks have a broad appeal. Whether you’re operating a convenience store, movie theater, amusement park, or quick service restaurant, a frozen nitro-infused system can be the perfect profit-driving addition for your business.

Frozen Margaritas, Daiquiri, and Pre-Mix Beverages

If you’re looking to target adults above the age of 21, then look no further than frozen cocktails. With low costs, premium pricing, and minimal upkeep, frozen alcoholic beverages may be the perfect fit for your business.

Using systems configured to properly freeze alcohol mixtures, frozen cocktail machines can make iced versions of your customers’ favorite adult beverages, including margaritas, sangrias, daiquiris, and more. FBD’s Frozen Margarita, Daiquiri, and Pre-Mix Dispensers even ensure a consistent quality with every pour – no need to worry about getting the drink recipe right every time, anymore.

 Just like other alcoholic beverages, you can also charge a premium price for frozen cocktails. With a higher price and low operational costs, frozen alcoholic drinks can drive greater profit margins than typical frozen beverages. In fact, FBD’s Frozen Margarita, Daiquiri, and Pre-Mix Dispensers can turn a profit in as little as 3 to 6 months.

FBD Frozen. Red frozen cocktail in a glass.Similar to their non-alcoholic contemporaries, frozen cocktails can be featured in tons of different business types. Of course, bars and restaurants are perfect fits, as alcohol is already present in those venues. Movie theaters and amusement parks are also great fits, as they have heavy foot traffic and regularly attract older customers.

Multi-Flavor Drinks

Multi-flavor drinks combine multiple flavors to create a unique, colorful beverage.

With a Multi-Flavor dispenser, you can give your customers up to 32 different flavor combinations – allowing them to create their perfect concoction. This capability is especially popular among younger demographics, who are typically more open to trying different combinations. All multi-flavor units use the same counter space as a typical FBD system, making one a simple addition to your business.

Multi-Flavor drinks have applications across all three previously mentioned drink types. With the touch of a finger, customers can mix their own strawberry lemonade slushie, a frozen coffee with a shot of mocha, or even a Jack and Coke. 

FBD currently offers Multi-Flavor machines with base flavors of White Cherry, Coffee, Sangria, Coca Cola, Margarita, and more. 

Set up a profitable frozen program, specific to your unique needs. Start Your Frozen Program

Start Your Frozen Beverage Program Today!

Our Frozen Beverage Program supports 80% of the world’s frozen beverage retailers, including industry giants like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, AMC Theaters, ICEE, and Burger King. With over two decades of experience, FBD is prepared to help any company of any size introduce frozen drinks to their customers.

To begin your Frozen Beverage Program, simply schedule a call with our expert team. During the call, our representatives will:

  • Recommend the ideal products for your business’s specifications
  • Identify the right equipment and customization options
  • Estimate your ROI
  • Provide an operations implementation plan including labor, maintenance, and savings estimates
  • Develop a detailed operations implementation plan, including unit setup and maintenance

During the entire process, our team will continue to work hand-in-hand with you to design a profitable frozen beverage program – regardless of your capacity, footprint, or local market.

Our team works hand-in-hand with you to create a frozen beverage program that aligns with your store’s capacity and footprint needs, as well as supports the demands of your local market. With over 532 unique equipment configurations, we can find the perfect setup for any sized convenience store anywhere in the country. 

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